About Us

Dick Tripp, aka Richard W. Tripp, Jr., was born in Washington, NC. He entered the Naval Academy after graduating from high school in Washington, NC in June 1958. He was commissioned an ensign in the US Navy upon graduation in 1962. He served on several ships and was stationed in many assignments all over the US during his career. He was awarded a PhD. in Physics from the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterrey CA in 1971. He retired as a Captain in 1988.

Dick and Marshall met while his ship was paying a visit to Rodman Naval Base, Panama Canal Zone in April 1983, where she was serving at the US Embassy. They were married in October of that year and in January 1984, they moved to Alexandria, VA.

They moved to Brussels in September 1988 and stayed there for four years. This was followed by four years back in Alexandria. They then moved to Madrid in September 1996 where they lived until they moved to Buenos Aires in September 2000. They moved back to the States in September 2003 when Marshall retired from the Foreign Service. They have been living in El Paso, TX ever since.

Although Dick studied Spanish for two years in high school, he didn't use it nor continue his studies until after they arrived in Madrid in 1996. Marshall is by far the better linguist, having studied Spanish, French and German. Although she claims to only know one foreign language, Spanish, now, she can get along quite well when we travel in France.

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