This is the entry point to information about traveling in Spain, Portugal, Argentina and other parts of the world.  Our experiences came about from living in Brussels, Madrid and Buenos Aires where one of us, Marshall, was stationed as a Foreign Service Officer assigned to the US Embassy. While living abroad from 1988 through 2003, we traveled extensively in the country we were living in and, to varying degrees, visited adjacent countries.

Food and Drink in Argentina is a guide for tourists and newcomers to Argentina.


This book arose out of our experiences when we moved to Buenos Aires in 2000. After living in Spain for four years, we were sure we would have no difficulty with the food in Argentina. Within hours of our arrival,  we realized our wrong we were. There was no guide to help us but over time we developed a better understanding of the food terms and cuisine of Argentina. Later we teamed with Dereck Foster, the well-know Argentine food and wine critic and writer, to produce the guide to Food and Drink in Argentina.

Take a look. I'm sure it will enhance your experience whether  you are going to visit or move to Argentina.

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